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MOTORS - Experience & Flexibility

Tecnoservice offers a comprehensive service for every need concerning the maintenance and repair of electric motors such as the following: DC, AC, brushless, servomotors, generators, fans.

Thanks to our thirty-year experience we are able to face both the most urgent situations with promptness and reliability and the most complex problems with competence and flexibility.

Our expert and constantly updated technicians ensure quick and practical solutions to meet customer requests.

In our electromechanical workshop, repairs are carried out with the utmost care and professionalism by respecting the following procedure:

  • entry registration
  • preliminary analyses for malfunctioning identification
  • disassembly and cleaning
  • drafting of working sheet and quote
  • electrical and mechanical activities
  • rotor and/or stator rewinding with both wire and twin lead
  • manifold replacement
  • replacement of broken and/or worn-out components
  • replacement of tachometer/resolver/encoder/tonewheel
  • dynamic balancing with digital control
  • reassembly and testing with digital control board or drive properly matched to the motor
  • painting.


Our electronic laboratory has numerous test benches allowing technicians to test various types of motors: such tests reproduce the actual operation of engines in the machine tool and guarantee maximum reliability.

Tecnoservice has a well-stocked warehouse of original spare parts belonging to the main electric motor brands (brushes, brush holders, complete brush rings, tachometers, encoders, resolvers, fans, connectors etc.) allowing the company to minimise repair times and ensure quality. Reconditioned and trade-in motors are also available.

Tecnoservice is able to offer a wide range of motors for rental to avoid downtimes during repair.



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